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Friday, 9 August 2013

A predicted heatwave in the UK

Written in June 2013
Published August 2013

To be honest, I have been awaiting this heatwave like a dessert waiting for rain, since my return from Barbados.  There has been plenty of talk but not much else.  Most of the boys holiday clothes are still in the cases and the only items I have bought in the sales lately have been jumpers.  With that being said, it is Wimbledon this week and that it self seems to bring along a wave of Pimms weather.  I remain optimistic.

With that though I wonder to myself whether I should still slather up the boys with sunblock. We are a mixed complexioned bunch ranging from chocolate brown to caramac yellow, the baby was cream on arrival from Barbados, he is now browner from tanning here than in Barbados, and I realised it is probably because I haven't been applying sunblock.  I don't know whether to be worried or not.  Although it hasn't been as hot as Barbados, by far, there have been some very warm days.  But I do feel that the factor 50 that we used in tropical heat seems excessive for what we get here.  But, children's sunblock comes in high or nothing.  Being naturally brown I guess I have an arrogant stance that the melanin we have is a kind of built in sunblock anyway, I am however wondering what the dangers are as inevitably there must be something.  For the meantime, I am mixing the kiddy sunblock with their usual body lotion for the coming heat wave and will ensure they have the appropriate hats and shade.

My search for answers continues....

Being sensible in the UK sun...

After thought.....  WOW did we have a heatwave, and yes, it was totally necessary to use the exact same sunblock we used on our trip to Barbados...  I had however reverted to an old favourite Garnier kids.  Have a read of my >>>>> Sunblock review Post

Tomboy -x-

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