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Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Garden through the eyes of a child

I was pottering around the garden after having neglected it since the turn in weather, I know how very fickle.  It was watching Monty Don on BBC2's Gardeners World that pushed me out there to do some weeding and a bit of tidying up, looking at his veg patches made me wonder how my little area was getting on.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how everything had grown; whilst out there Alexander made a comment that made me smile.
"Wow Mum, it's sooo beautiful in our garden now, I love it!

I stopped and looked around me, I guess it was beginning to look quite something.  I thought I'd take some updated pics and sent him to get my camera.  When he returned he had my Cannon strapped around his neck and one arm, holding it in true photographer stance, so I let him take some pictures.  He is already aware of how delicate my camera is and now only needed to be shown where to look and press.  When I worked in nurseries we used to give the children disposable cameras and ask them to take pictures of the things they liked and didn't like in the nursery, in order to provide a better learning environment, I thought I'd do the same with Alexander so that I could  provide a space he loved and appreciated even more.   He used a Canon 1100D and I took pics of him with my IPhone 4s.  I believe in letting children try and do anything, with correct instruction and supervision, why not?!

Have a look at his pictures below, I think he did a great job. 
Alexander 4 years old says "I took pictures of the circle cos I love when Daddy does the BBQ"
"I love flowers and my strawberries that I growed"

And now for a couple of pictures I took of the garden 2 weeks on, I'm looking forward to the harvest in a couple of months time although the sluds and snails seem to be creeping in, I'm researching how to deal with them safely, so hopefully will have some tips! 

Click on this picture to read how we started >>>>>

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