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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Tis the season of smart clothes!

It's that time again isn't it.  The time that every other weekend for the next few months has a Wedding, Christening, Blessing, etc....  The time where you run around every shop you can think of, scour the Internet and dust off your eBay password, looking for something smart enough for your lil ones to wear, as nothing from last year fits!  I know, I'm going through it myself.


I rarely keep clothes to hand down but smart clothes are definite keepers.  I scoured the earth way too hard to be giving away those spoils.  Luckily for the baby, and for me, I have a waistcoat and trouser ensemble that fits him perfectly.  It belonged to boy number 3 and was worn once.  All I need are some shoes.... Hmmm.  After having an indepth look around for a pair of smart shoes that he would wear again I decided that his lil Jordans would look fine, and, as his legs are quite bowed and his feet turn in at the ankle, it would be best for him to continue to wear something his feet were already used to.


Boy number 3 also is in luck, with a shirt and blazer from big brother 2; I've found the most perfect little shoes from one of my favourite high street stores Zara kids (hand me down shoes are a no no, all the boys feet are very different, and, correct shoe sizings are extremely important for the healthy growth of their feet.)


Boy number 2, this is where we are having to start from scratch.  Remember the days when you had to dress super smart for church so always had a pair of church shoes etc..  those days have been replaced with jeans and tracksuits.  Unfortunately for my children whom often complain that 'everyone else is wearing it', I do not allow that much of an informality but do allow them to wear their school shoes and trousers with a plain jumper or shirt.  The school items are looking a lil worn out, end of school year, so boy number 2 has nothing really.  I bought him a beautiful mac last year so that is where I begin my 'styling'

The 'styling' is more important to me than the main items themselves.  It's all about how you put things together that makes the difference.  A blazer can look smart with trousers and a shirt and shoes, but change the shoes for technicolour trainers and change trousers for jeans, throw on a 'snap back' cap and, BANG!  A whole different look!

Styling tips:
  • Take a colour or two from the jacket and co-ordinate the other pieces from there.
  • Don't put clothes on that are too big.  Honestly, how many wears will they actually get from them, making them look like clowns is not smart
  • They are still children, make sure they are comfortable
  • The way you tie a tie is important.  Pinterest have some great pins on different tie styles, have a look at our Preppy Lou board
  • Ask them what they like and incorporate their favourite colour or accessory, they will be more conscious of looking after an outfit they had a hand in styling
  • It's not how much you spend but how well you spend.  Key items like a jacket can cost a little more, save on the other items.

Zach aged 15mths wears;
Waistcoat, trouser and shirt set from Marks and Spencer Occasion 2010
Tie from a different Marks and Spencer Occasion set 2010.
Trainers Nike Air Jordan. (were a gift)

Alexander aged 4 yrs wears;
Tommy Hilfiger blazer 2005
White shirt with cuff links from Marks and Spencer Occasion 2010
Red trousers H&M £5.99
Tie from Club 1880 sold at Fenwicks. £10
Blue leather Moccasins Zara Kids £29.99

Louie aged 10yrs wears;
Cap, Zara Kids AW12
Mac, Zara Kids AW12
White Shirt Club 1880 sold at Fenwicks £15
Straight cut chinos, Gap £14.95
Tan suede Moccasins Zara Kids SS12, for similar follow link
Tie, Zara Men 2009

Please leave comments in th box below.  I hope this was a useful post

Tomboy -x-

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