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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Holiday Product review: Havianas Flip flops for kids

When I purchased Havianas for the boys from OFFICE,  I was so excited, not only are they the must have in flip flops, but they were uber cute too.  With a strap around the back perfect for little feet who do not need the extra hassle of learning to keep flip flops on, I was totally sold.

You can only imagine my utter disappointment when, within the first week of our holiday in Barbados, the 4 year olds Havianas strap appeared to have pulled out of it's holder.  My husband managed, with some difficulty, to put it back in only for it to pull out at leaset once a day for the next two days.  then, holder came off of the main body of the flip flops altogether.  We all, including grandparents, took turns in putting the holder back until the hole eventually just split making the strap impossible to stay on.  First week in, no flip flops for our lil 4 year old.

Not happy.

The baby who barely walks in his and has them as more of a fashion accessory had managed to keep his in shop bought condition until I encouraged him to walk along the path to the beach yesterday.  We are 3 days away from returning home and the first three pictures below are what we have been left with.

I have tried to steer away from Crocs, I wanted a change and the 4 year old has skinny ankles; but had ended up buying a pair of Crocs for the 4 year old from the Croc store in Lime Grove Holetown, at the hefty sum of $120 BDS approxiamately £40.  NOT pleased, but hey at least the boy is happy and they can be worn for the rest of our summer.

As the Havianas were actually not fit for purpose, I wonder if I could get my money back... Hmmmmm, something to investigate, at £13.99 each, I would expect a little more wear out of them.  At least to the end of my holiday.

Originally written on Monday 29th April 2013

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