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Monday, 25 March 2013

Why do some teaching staff feel as though they can talk down to parents? I hope they don't speak to my son in that manner and with lack of consideration.

Alexanders' not so happy face

Today has just been one of those screamy kind of days, I've had a pile to do and forgotten most of it whilst being caught up by the things I did remember.  I usually diarize in my phone, but that unceremoniously died on me only a couple of hours into my day, luckily I was with my mum for part of the day and was reachable, of sorts.

Unfortunately lil Alexander took ill at school and had relinquished the dodgy tummy from hell in the nursery toilet, 4 times no less.  As I was incommunicado, my husband called my mother to tell me that he'd received a message from the school. I dropped what I was doing, which was organising things for my uncles funeral, and arrived to the bashing of all bashing.
"Mrs Mummy, it's just not good enough, we were unable to contact you"  You called my husband was my reply, he passed on the message.  "If it were a serious problem we have no contact for you, it could be very bad" 
Hmmmm.  You called my husband who picked up the message and called me straight away.  In fact, you also have my mothers number which my husband reached me on straight away.  If I were working in an office and was in a meeting what would you do then?  Leave a message and wait for me to get back to you?!  As a freelance journalist and broadcaster, I could have been on radio, what then?  I chose not to argue the point as I was then chastised for my mother bringing his lunch in at 12 when they eat at 11.30!  Isn't that brunch?  Regardless, I was running around and my mother kindly organised the boys hot lunch and dropped it off just before what she thought was lunch time.  As my son began to cry, the chastising continued until I finally got him ready and left.
"He's been ill since lunch, he's been quiet since he was brought in this morning" 
What when my mother brought the lunch he was ill then?  Why was she not told, she would have taken him.  She is the emergency contact after all.

There are always two sides to every story and I would be more than happy for you to talk to the nursery assistant in question to hear her side;  I admit that I had contributed to the issues in my own, mis-organised way but I did feel it was

  1. Unprofessional to address any issues in front of my son and his classmates
  2. To raise her voice in a manner that concerned and embarrassed my son
  3. To address me whilst I was there to collect my ill child, I obviously needed to just get him home.
It leaves me wondering if this lack of professionalism is continued throughout the care of my son.  He has always been happy enough and he is a pretty robust little boy.  As a manager of a chain nursery in my past, I would have never allowed my staff to treat issues in this manner.  A parent should never be chastised in front of their child.  It is more than unprofessional but also a little rude, mummy can do no wrong in my sons eyes, who has the right to take that away?  Or maybe I am just being sensitive because I don't like being told off, but then, who does?  

Rant over, due to a crazy unpredictable day with circumstances beyond my control, the Spring Cleaning Day 4 post will be held off until tomorrow.  Please no chastising in the comment box, I've already had an earful to last a lifetime!!


  1. Having worked in a nursery myself I would never have even considered acting like that but do know people that I worked with that would have and that's why I no longer work in that particular nursery. I was once shouted at in front of a whole room of 3 year old's because I dared to discuss issues I had with a certain member of staff with the manager. Needless to say this wasn't in confidence and resorted in me receiving a gobful of abuse with some tiny onlookers. Its unacceptable that people feel its ok to shout at another person in front of children.

    I hope little man is much better now xx

    1. Thank you Late for Reality, he is much better now x


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