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Friday, 22 March 2013

The marriage saver!!

Looking back at my past posts I realised that I have'nt really blogged about my husband before.  Being my partner in crime he is beside me in most of my antics but is the ying to my yang; where I am loud and rushing around he is quiet and laid back.

A lot of people say he's so quiet that he doesn't talk... Pah!!  They just haven't seen him in the marriage saver!  A small building that has been built at the end of my very small garden (leaving me with practically nothing might I add).   The marriage saver, so called as it is a place of serenity for both of us, he goes in it and we can both think, apart!  It is his space and I rarely go into it.  During a conversation about YouTube my husband told me had a video of him playing music in the marriage saver!  So that's what he's doing in there!  Boys and there toys eh!

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