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Monday, 18 March 2013

My Teens Antics!!

Our teen, student ambassador and presenter
of his college Talent Show @CNWL

It's amazing what my teenager ropes me into doing, like this video.
"Mom, mom video me dancing I've got some moves!"
And it turned out he did indeed have some moves, I attempted to follow suit but the knees gave way!

One of the things I love about my teen is his fun loving side, he doesn't take himself too seriously.  Yes he still has his 'Kevin and Perry' moments and the usual state of his bedroom frustrates me.  At 6ft 2 he isn't a small boy and his fashion sense leaves much to be desired at times (I can never get with the, trousers so low can see pants phase, or when he wears a hood even when it's not raining), I often have to point out how menacing he appears; however, whenever I shadow him he seems to have left part of his aura.  People I speak to talk about him with a smile and a light in there eyes, I've been told that he lights up a room, I thought that light was him passing wind!

But seriously, his playfulness comes across somewhat innocent which often surprises me as I was far from innocent at his age, I was a mum!  He is a pleasure to spend time with when he's not being moody, which has been increasingly less (new girlfriend).  I won't tell him, but I like that he likes to spend time with me and includes me into some of his activities, it makes me feel young again; until the knees go, the back begins to ache and I suffer with a throbbing headache because everything is just too loud!

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