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Friday, 1 March 2013

Meal for one

I very rarely have to make a meal for just me and when I have in the past, I've made way too much; I end up not eating at all which is one extreme tho another.
A week ago I didn't cook enough rice.  Shock Horror!  It's a first.  As I couldn't be asked to put on a fresh pot, I served my family and chose to go without.  My husband was mortified and whipped up a bowl of rice in a hot minute.  Wow!  In the microwave! Wow!  I'm sure it's probably old news, but I only use my microwave for re-heating so this was an innovative idea to me!

Today I am experiencing one of those rare, alone days.  And, as I am on a strict, eat something diet, I have decided to warm up some left over homemade curry, however there is no leftover rice so I am putting my husbands idea into practise.

Ingredients:  1/3 of a bowl of rice, butter, salt, pepper, boiling water

Rinse the rice, I've used Tilda basmati, but it doesn't matter which you use

Pour 1cm above the rice, of boiled water

Season as you wish then cover with cling film, use a fork to poke a hole through the cling, you don't want an explosion in your microwave.  Put your bowl into the microwave for approx 15 minutes, this depends on the amount of rice.  

Fluffy fresh rice, but I still made too much!

Add your leftover curry Yum!  Now My husband can't tell me off for not eating!