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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Fun for mum

I've decided that this year is my skating year!! The universe has thrown every hint at me and its about time I took heed!

After spending an evening with pumping music and mini wheels, my next purchase will be a pair of four wheeled skates, old school, I'm an 80s kid you know!

Not only do I feel super toned but super relaxed. What a night!!

We were given pictures on entry and part way through the night we ha to find our romantic counterparts! I got Kim Kardashian and had to find my Kanye West. A great way to break ice and network although I felt a little like the key in the bowl! As I had left my husband at home it wasn't ideal!

At only £8 entry with hire skates available, it was a reasonably priced local enjoyable night out.  I attended a small venue near Wembley stadium which has just begun, but there is  in Vauxhall.  Just type in roller disco and your town in google search for your local venue.

Of late I have been 'rocking a fro', now all that is needed is an Addidas hoodie, some leg warmers and a pair of hooped earrings and I'm off!  Mama is throwing back!!

Tomboy - x

Our next post will be our 100th!!  Look out for some great new features!!