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Friday, 1 March 2013

Cleaning Checklists for an easier life

I thought I'd share my key to fair consist cleaning at my home.  Once a week we all pull together and undertake the larger cleaning chores.  As aforementioned, I have slight OCD and was driving myself crazy.
How many times have you had this conversation with others in the house 'You cleaned the bathroom? Did you empty the bin?  Clean the toilet? Wipe the tiles? Wipe the bottles on show?  No?  So what did you clean?!'

I'm laughing as I type because the numerous conversations are replaying in my head right now.  To avoid this often frustrating and incredulous conversation that seems to only cause my blood to boil, I devised a checklist, adapted from a Martha Stewart checklist, that is given at the beginning of that persons chores, we, my husband, teenager and I alternate rooms weekly to be fair.  The little uns have set chores.
So far it has been working great and everything is done exactly how I want them.  The Queen, me, reigns well over her Queendom!!

When I was working full-time I had a cleaner and initially couldn't think for the life of me what to tell her to do each week, a checklist is also a simple and painless way to convey your requirements to other helpers so that you have consistency.

Click on the Check list link to see my list, you may adapt to suit your needs.