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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Weekend snapshot quickie, week ahead

Just a quick post.

This week is the baby's 1st birthday!  Where has that time gone?!
There is soooooo much to do as his birthday falls in the week and I've decided to have a celebration with grandparents and godparents only.  In a house of six adding another six is already a pretty successful party, and, as baba is teething I don't want to overwhelm him with too much.

On his birthday he will have a cake at the nursery he attends two days a week.  In the evening we will have his birthday dinner at home with 'just us', giving his brothers a chance to sing 'Happy Birthday' and cut more cake!

On Saturday we are throwing a birthday brunch; Why brunch?  It's his best time of day, after he's already woken up, clean, breakfast semi-digested and, before he gets hungry for lunch, tired for his nap, and generally ratty!  I also have three other birthday parties to attend this weekend with the 10 year old!  Full on!

Throw in Valentines and Pancake Day then my teenagers 19th exactly a week away and my calendar for the next week is totally exacerbated.

My solution for the next two weeks festivities is to pull out my Nigella Lawson 'Domestic Goddess' recipe book, throw in a few ideas from my Martha Stewart Living magazine and I'll be baking all week.   From cakes to biscuits and Caribbean chicken!  I'm not only planning to bake my own cakes but to decorate them too, and a first for me, making sugared animals!

This afternoon will be spent with homemade play dough and the kids around the kitchen table practising, wish me luck!!

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