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Monday, 4 February 2013

Trot on down to Trotters in Westfields London

I've always been a huge fan of the childrens store Trotters, I remember happily taking the tube to the High Street Kensington branch some 15 years ago to buy clothing for my eldest son.  It wasn't just the clothes I shopped for but the whole experience, which for  me is of tantamount importance.   When I heard that they were opening a store a few minutes down the road from in the childrens village in Westfields I felt a surge of pride at how this lil boutique store had expanded into the big wideworld of shopping centre retail;  I had some doubts, hoping that they would not lose the specialness of their brand.

I am pleased to say after two weeks of opening fun, they have stayed true to the brand, on opening day the founders where present reveling in the fun with little ones who were greeted by Snow White, Prince Charming and of course Trotters very own Dunwoody Pig.

One of the things I loved was the fact the the book corner was located adjacent to boys clothing.  How often are we told that boys nowadays don't read, but, with so many great books aimed at boys and no way to avoid it, its an innovative way to encourage our boys to read more, win, win, win.

Super stylish tops

Twinkle twinkle starry floor!
Books at the counter!!  Good call.
Meeting Mr Dunwoody himself!

Trying on shoes is fun on this aeroplane

On trend braces!
 With great brands such as Lapinou, Petit Breton and Start Rite, throw in a professional child's hairdresser, Trotters Westfields makes the experience of an impersonal shopping centre a boutique and comfortable one, my kids loved shopping there which made it easier for me to get in, get whats needed and get out!!

For futher information have a look at

The opening was in Autumn 2012, article published late due to ill health.

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