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Monday, 25 February 2013

Spring is almost here?

It is cold outside, I have a blocked runny nose and am pondering the condriction of that.

My IPad has notified me that the Martha Stewart Living magazine for March is now available for download.  March? Wow where did the last two months go?!
I had vaguely noticed the evenings getting lighter but with such cold weather it doesn't feel as though spring is coming at all.
 But, it is; and it's time to start thinking about the spring cleaning schedule and opening the house to the spring breeze.  In just under 3 weeks official spring will have arrived.  Until then I take comfort in the fact that all thinking can be done sat down, wrapped up with a cup of tea inside in the warm!

Look out for my spring cleaning schedule coming soon.  Until then you may be interested in:

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