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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Group dating!!

Heard of double dating?  Of course you have, but group dating?  I have 5 close girlfriends whom I socialise with regularly, for a long while I was the married one, one was in a long term relationship and the others were dating various people.  Now we are all in committed relationships it can be difficult to get together as the newly committed are inseparable from their other halves.  To cope with this we have group dates.

It's kind of the best of all worlds.  You and your partner get to spend time together, you spend time with your friends and the men have a boys night out.  Win, win, win.  Dating has never been so much fun!

Obviously the first thing would be to see if the men actually get on which, luckily for us, ours do.  We have a 'come dine with me' event once which we call 'the supper club'; hosted by a couple, it's taken in turns although some of us previously used being single as an excuse not to host and are owing!  It was a fantastic icebreaker for the men and has been a continued success.

Our pottery painting was done at Art 4 Fun, 172 West End Lane, Hampsted, NW6 1SD.  We ordered pizza which was delivered on site and we brought our own beer and wine.  We had a great time not so sure how our pieces turned out yet will see in a few days time!!

I've suggested we do indoor sky diving next, should be a right laugh!

My art attempt.  The underside of my saucer, the top is not so good!!

The hubby trying to give bedroom eyes!  Hahaha!

I don't think it's fair that there is a real artist at our table!!

This couple made gifts for each other

I wonder what her pupils at school would say!!