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Monday, 4 February 2013

Cultured from birth

I love art, I may not be a connoisseur but I love the fact that mine and every other child in Britain can access art for free, you don't have to go to a private school, be a lady or a lord, you can rock up to The Tate Modern Gallery in jeans and a t-shirt and drink in the creative, inspiring, thought provoking pieces, and with art, it can mean what you want it to.

 My children love it, many people worry about the children looking at nude pieces and saying, 'look mummy, I see that ladies boobies'  and, if that's what they see, then so be it, but how about answering with 'What else do you see?  What is she doing?  How does her face look?  Where do you think her clothes are?  Why do you think she has no clothes on?'  Cause them to think beyond the initial visual to everything that goes on behind the piece, it's truly amazing what children see and what they come up with, for me it's just as exciting as viewing the pieces of art on show, be very carefully not to paint an image of what you see into your child's mind, ask questions and allow them to answer, there are no right or wrong answers, that is what makes it so very beautiful, a child's dream, to think and say exactly what they'd like.

The other wonderful thing about The Tate Modern is that there is a children's play/art area for children to unwind and get creative themselves.  Take a packed lunch, go on a wet day and enjoy an indoor trip out in London.

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