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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Another fundraiser at school?!!!

Is it just my children's school or does there seem to be a lot more fund raising days at schools in general. We've had, Hero's and Villain's day, Festive jumper day, Roald Dahl Book character day, and recently crazy hair day!!  I'm all for fund raising and I love being able to express my creativity but often many parents just 'skip it' as they have no idea what to do or where to start.  There is often a quick dash to a local supermarket for a fancy dress costume, so half the school is dressed as Spiderman!  Due to this my children often win the best costume prize and are featured in school newsletters.  Not because the costumes look particularly great but because of the individuality.  My staples are a box of face paints, some old clothes, scraps of material, needle and thread, PVA glue, hair glue and safety pins.  With these things you can create anything!!!

Roald Dahl/book character day, Mr Twit

Roald Dahl/book character day Fantastic Mr Fox

Crazy hair day, Autumn tree

Crazy Hair day,  Apocolypto inspired...  

Crazy Hair day,  Apocolypto inspired...  

 I tend to talk to the boys about what they'd like and see what I've got to translate.  If all else fails, face paint can tell the story to great effect.  So next time there is a fund raising day at your school, don't be boring and buy an off the peg suit, be creative, include the kids and be originally creative!!

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