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Monday, 25 February 2013

A few of my 'showcase items'

A few of my belongings I use as props to 'design' areas of my home or decorate for events.  Please refer to 'The baby's 1st Birthday Brunch'.  Unfortunately for my husband, I believe you cannot have too many vases, hurricane lamps, glass jars and picture frames!!  This is the first batch for spring cleaning!

Vinegar, Bicarbonate soda and lemon to wash the delicates in warm water and with a soft microfibre cloth.  I put my candle glasses and jars into the dishwasher as I have found that its the easiest way to get them sparkling clean; put them in by themselves as I found when they are in with other non glass items they leave those things with a waxy residue.  A regular eco wash will do.  All of my faux flowers are hooverd using a small brush attachment, I once put a vase of faux flowers into the dishwasher!  It came out clean but the flowers were a little limp.  Depending on the cost of yours you may want to try it but be aware that they may get damaged, its a gamble, the other option is to hoover regularly and wipe with a damp microfibre cloth, if done regularly a 'big' clean may not be necessary.