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Friday, 5 October 2012

Loves from the high street..

I've always been a fan of Armarni baby gro's but this....  If only these were available for my baba...  £75 and it's yours, Perfect for a take your baby to work day, all your little one would need is a flat cap and briefcase!!

I love winter for wrap up wam argyle jumpers, it reminds me that it is holiday season soon, this is a win for those boys who hate pulling sweaters over their heads and I love the brand Scotch Shrunk but for £119 I will have to justify the purchase to my husband...  Maybe if I bought it 2 sizes bigger for AJ then passed it down to the baba.....!! 

Most of the boys coats are navy blue so if you want somthing a little different go for unusual buttoning, zips and patterned inner hood lining  These are Burberry £115 and £135 left to right

I'm impressed with the selection in Baby Gap, this jacket reminded me of holidays in France, with nautical buttons, a stripy hood lining and a peacoat style it's on my shortlist. £35.95

I love me a parka and this one at Baby Gap is great.  Timberland do a similar jacket but the fur lets it down for me, the fur on this is a lovely quality and it's a steal at £29.95 

If like me, you have your baby in the car, this is a lightweight alternative, if you are popping into the car and then out to go into shops you don't want to over heat your baby.  I love the way this is fastened and it looks unisex. £24.95

Prices correct at time of publishing
5 October 2012

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