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Saturday, 6 October 2012

All baby's play is messy

Here in London there are loads of free activities for children under the age of 5 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday at a local 'Children's centre'.  When the baby has had enough of wrecking my home and requires further stimulation and social interaction, I take him along to one of the sessions available at my local Children's centre, Curzon Crescent.  The messy play session is my absolute favourite, from coloured, glittered shaving foam, to paint, sand, shredded paper and oak leaves, my little one can be as messy as he likes without messing our home!

The activities are placed in large black trays and placed on the floor.  I strip my baby down to his nappy and vest and literally like a wind-up toy, I put him down and watch him go!!

Not all the babies can crawl so parents place them next to or even inside the trays.  He is learning about texture, taste, smells and socially interacting with other babies whilst I natter away to a parent about the price of nappies and the like, it's brilliant and most agreeably 'free'!  There are qualified nursery staff who talk to us parents and interact with the babies, this has been a welcoming factor as some parents require a little help in knowing how to extend the learning opportunities for their baby.

The down sides are that the floors can be a little cold, underfloor heating would have been a much better way to heat the rooms and the washing facilities aren't so great, after baby is covered in paint you want to give them a wash rather than a wipe down which tends to agitate my little man, but, on the up-side I live close by and am home within 5 minutes;  I do love to see the look of disgust thrown at me by the elderly neighbour who obviously thinks I'm a bad mum and just haven't bothered to wash my child!!

We will continue to enjoy being messy and look forward to jelly day where we can sit and squidge in a tray of delicious jelly, throw in some custard and we could be a trifle!

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