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Monday, 13 August 2012

Toy Libraries rock!!

I have been making great use of my local Toy Library.  Toy Libraries are just like Book Libraries, you borrow two items for a set period of time and then swap for another toy,that way you can try new toys with your children before buying or just give them the variety without the hole in your pocket!

This last visit to the toy library we left with a sack of Popoids, I have used them in the past in my classrooms at work but totally underestimated the hours of fun my different aged boys would have with them.  With the weather being so glorious here in London over the past week and me having alot of 'stuff' to do I took my boys to the park with a blanket and a picnic daily.  We went to different parks for variety and I must say the Popoids proved popular with not only my boys but every other child who happened to pass by. Our blanket was a magnet for kids wanting to build!  I will now, on every park visit pop some construction toys in a drawstring sack and take along to park visits, between the construction toys, scooters, football and buckets and spades, boredom is not an issue with my days out, and should I wish to test drive something new, a quick trip to my Local Toy Library will do me nicely!

My favourite Parks ventured in London this past week are, in no specific order
Queens Park
Roundwood Park
Northolt hills
Golders Hill Park
Princess Diana Memorial Park

On a warm day pop down you may see me tapping furiously at my Ipad with loads of children flocking to my blanket to play!


The Popoids are courtesy of Brent Children Centre Toy Libarys

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