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Sunday, 5 August 2012

The death of Flossy

About a month ago I bought my 3 year old a pair of bright red Flossy plimsolls. They looked great with coloured jeans, skinny jeans, shorts, harem pants and play pants.  When looking for summer play shoes, I considered a few options.  Open toed sandals where no good because, knowing my little boy, he would probably hurt his toes regularly; my 3 year old has, as the shop assistant put it 'skinny feet and ankles, we tried Toms, but for his length the width was too big, the same with Crocs which came in a two size option 7/8 or 9/10, too small or too big, the Flossy plimsolls seemed to fit beautifully and, although the shop assistant warned us that after a days wear the bottom of his feet hurt as the sole and inner step were so thin, we proudly left the store with our purchase.

A month later bitterly disappointed, I am laying those plimsolls to rest.  As beautiful as they were, the soles are, painfully thin and wore away, my sons feet slid within them a little and the toe area wore away both at the material part and the rubber sole, I don't know whether washing them caused this to happen but they needed washing twice!  I love the look of Flossy plimsolls they are uber cool and I will, most likely, buy another pair, style over substance, they have added 7 limited edition colours;  however, for the remainder of the summer I will be looking for a different pair of play shoes perhaps a pair of 'Native Millers' if they fit well, if not.......  The search will continue!

Goodbye Flossy

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