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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Nursery Graduation

My eyes welled with tears as the sounds of Whitney Houstons 'Greatest Love of all' played through the speakers and my three year old searched for me through the crowd of parents.  He looked around anxiously as I had moved since he last saw me sat within the audience; his eyes lit up as he found me and my heart began to swell.

He gave me a paper rose and a kiss.  My little man.  Up until this point I was completely underwhelmed by the idea of this Graduation ceremony, I could see how uncomfortable he was during the dance performance, he's not really a dancer, especially in front of a crowd of people he doesn't know.  Just like his dad!  My sub-conscious had been shouting 'ba humbug' at the whole thing but now my heart was melting as I looked into the eyes of my three year old, proud and relieved at finding me amongst the many familiar and un-familiar faces.  I was supposed to be the unofficial official photographer and, after a couple of close up shots of my son I stopped taking pictures to gush.  As  he walked away to his seat I wiped the tears from my eyes and my husband put his hand on my shoulder; he'd arrived just in time.

My little boy will begin 'big' school in September, another chapter has begun.  I may have done this twice before but it tugs at my heart strings every time...  Oh well, at least I've got another three years to wait before the last one!

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