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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Lollibopping on a Summers day

I had THE most amazing time at Lollibop this past Sunday..  When I initially arrived at Regents Park on the hot Sunday afternoon, the clouds became thick and grey before tearing open and pouring out a heavy shower of rain.  At that point I felt so disappointed I could cry, the weather had been hot and dry for days, I had been waiting for this day for months, my three year old was recovering from a bad bout of tonsillitis and I was determined to enjoy this day.

The rain cleared quickly and the day was as hot as a Caribbean holiday, my family were in their element.  Fashionably kitted out, we met up with the baby's godparents and began the day out of the year..  We rocked out and played air guitar to a set played by the 'Zingzillas' and 'Mr Men's' "Mr Happy', fed dinosaurs, did Kung fu and watched Mister Maker and The Gruffalo on stage.  Then whilst my 9 year old played Moshi Monster card games we cooled off in the under 3 section.  This is where we saw Actor/Director Noel Clarke with his family.  I was excited but played it cool, if I had my cards printed I would of approached him for a picture, but I felt embarrassed and decided against it.

The food was greatly priced for a day out, with options of hot dogs, jerk chicken wraps, Pizza Express, pie n mash amongst many others.  I was surprised that I could feed my brood for less than £20..  Result!  I enjoyed a huge Beef hotdog from Big Apple Hot dogs, it was delicious!  Ellas kitchen were giving away free fruit pouches and Haribo kept my boys stocked up on sweets!

The whole day was a great success and enjoyed by all, although I felt there should have been more shaded areas considering how hot it became at a scorching 31 degrees.  See you again for definite next year Lollibop!!

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