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Monday, 27 August 2012

Cool is individual

My 9 year old came to me and said
"Mum, next year I'm going to be cool"
Next year? He went on to say that he wasn't one of the cool boys because they played football ALL the time which he found boring. Also one of the coolest boys was a rude bully and he didn't like him
"he's just so rude"
What bothered me was the fact that he was bothered about being cool, he was willing to start playing a game he didn't like just to be 'in'. "You don't get it mum cause you are cool"

I'm cool? Well that's news, I never considered myself to be cool, I never really had a best friend I was a floater, I played with everyone at school, football with the boys, jacks with the nerds, stuck in the mud with the sporty kids and dancing with the cool girls. Secondary school, I was one of the 'goody goodies' but I was not to be messed with as many found out! My dad had taught me how to box!

My 9 year old is small for his age, shorter than most and very slim although he eats like a horse, envious! He loves books and immerses himself in fantasy play, in less than a month he will be 10 but still enjoys dressing up.  He is gifted and talented academically and the best description I could give him is he could be the black English edition to the Big Bang Theory, nerdy cool, loved by all!

 What he doesn't seem to realise is that he is already cool, he has forward thinking fashion sense, can dance a mean Michael Jackson and is super smart.  Every adult that comes across him compliments him.  But I guess that's just it.  At 10 years old, being cool is more about being like everyone else and being the kid everyone is afraid of..  I am just thankful my boy is neither of these and I hope he continues to be as individual and quirky as he is now.

Now that to me is super cool, to not be afraid to be you.

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