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Friday, 13 July 2012

The Tomboy and The Mechanic

I'm sure after reading. tomboys day at the garage, you will know that there is no love lost between me and my mechanic; the fact that I have to describe myself as the breast feeder for him to remember me has now worn so thin my temper is now dangling on a fleas hair..  But today my mechanic surprised me;  I don't know whether it was because I was quite obviously ill or because I had my moody teenage son with me, but, we seemed to actually get along, albeit for a brief period only.

He started with the usual criticism of my driving skills although I had parked perfectly fine giving everyone room to pass, apparently too much room this time... it's a no win situation.  He then paused, looked at me and said.. "You look tired"  "I'm ill" was my response.  "Okay" he said, "Where do you live?  I will take you home and then work on the car, you shouldn't really be driving"  My son piped in with a comment something along the lines of you should let me drive, to which of course I answered when you get your license and are insured, I will be quite happy to let you drive, my mechanic agreed and added some other wisdom to the conversation about driving responsibly.  Mmmmmm, I am impressed!  He then spoils it with "I think as you are not well we should leave sorting the car until sometime next week"  Oh hell no!!  I got out of the driver seat and sat in the back.  "You said you would drive me home?  Let's go then"  He mumbled something about not being able to reason with me because my head was unwell and just doing as I asked today for my own good.  'What ever'  Since my post 'A Tomboy's day at the garage'  this was the day I had actually pinned him down to do the work required, I was not giving this up.

On the journey home my mechanic talked to my son about his education, work an life choices and seemed to connect in a way I had failed to over the past month or so, this was beginning to wear me down as my 18 year seems very unsure about everything other than socialising.  Although I didn't fully agree with everything he said, my son seemed inspired;  I was again, impressed.  I think I'm easily impressed when it comes to people showing positive attention to my children.  One way to get me  on side is to go through them.  My mechanic was forgiven.  My son left the car with new enthusiasm and a direction he hadn't thought of.  I was happy, ill, but happy. My car left to be serviced "call me at 3 I'll drive it back to you"  Mmmmmm, being thoughtful, maybe I had misjudged this man.

3pm came and went, my battery had died on my phone and I decided to let it charge fully before calling my mechanic, he was never ready dead on the times he gave me so if I gave him a little extra time....
I called at 3.50.  It was ready and he would come straight away.  Great!  I offered to drive him back to his garage, he said he would drive, fine.  As the car pulled off, the offending squeak began.  "Nooooooo, you didn't fix the squeak"
"What squeak?"
"That loud squeak"
"You didn't tell me to"
"Yes I did that was why I brought the car in"
"I only knew to service it and change the pads"
"And the squeak!"
"I didn't know it bothered you that much I usually tell people to just play the music loud"
I rolled my eyes "Nooooooooo!"
"Okay, call me Monday and I'll tell you when you can bring it in"
"Not again, it's taken me this long and a million calls to get this far, you can't do this to me again"
"Just call me Monday or text, remind me that you're the breast feeder so I'll know it's you"

And so, we return to the beginning; my mechanic and I got along, for a brief moment, but hey, sometimes what happens in a brief moment can make a huge difference to someones life....