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Monday, 2 July 2012

Stuck in the mud!!

I'm often asked how I cope with four boys, my answer is often 'I don't have to'. My eldest is 18 and has his own daily agenda, as long as it tallies in with our family morals he is free to pursue at his own leisure; he is technically an adult now.  The baby, well, as babies do, either is asleep or sitting and watching; that often leaves me with two, whom with a 6 year age gap are able to learn from each other patience, sharing, taking turns and caring amongst others.

I often pair them up to specifically encourage these skills by letting them 'get involved'.

Yesterday for instance I gave them the task of filling a very large plant pot with compost, by hand! They talked the entire time, crumbling, lifting, carrying, discussing what could go in the pot and the creatures that live in soil. How it felt in their hands and how it looked. To link it to educational development, there was:
Communication, extending vocabulary.
Science and understanding the world, how things grow.
Social development, working together, taking turns.
Problem solving, how do we clean up the mess, what is the best way to transfer the soil, large handfuls, small handfuls..
And physical, pushing, lifting, crumbling with fingers.
It could be wrapped up with a story about growing which can be read by the older child to encourage reading.

A dry afternoon, some old clothes, a large pot and compost was all that was needed and of course a spade and broom for 'cleaning up'. An hour of fun and teamwork... Now just to find something for them to do for the next 5 hours!! There are always the cars to be cleaned!!

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