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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Sickness merry-go-round

Last night the baby felt warmer than usual, his hands felt hot and so did his head, uh-oh, fever?  I made sure there were no draughts in my bedroom and stripped him down, he seemed to cool a little, I checked his temperature with our digital thermometer, if you don't have one I recommend you get one; they are excellent.  Our one is exactly the same as the one at the GP surgery and is most accurate and simple to use.  The thermometer read 37.6, mmmmm, a little higher than normal I think, but I thought I'd Google it and check, it is always best to check.  My little man will be 5 months old exactly tomorrow, I found this information on BBC Health

"Fever in a baby less than six months old is rare but a temperature higher than 38 ° C (100.4 ° F) in a baby of less than three months old and a temperature of more than 39 ° C in a baby older than three months needs further medical advice. Below these levels a fever is often called 'low grade' and is unlikely to be caused by serious illness - but of course, if the child has other worrying symptoms they too need to be seen by a doctor."  BBC Health 
I found this helpful, he is Ok, for now, I refrained from giving him his usual bath and top and tailed him instead.  I put him in a thin sleepsuit and he fell off to sleep at his normal time of 8 o'clock.  Whilst in his cot I covered him in his cellular blanket and kept others on stand-by just in case he got cold..  I barely got sleep last night as I was worried, I know it's just a slight raise in temperature but, my children have a habit of deteriorating quite quickly, so the all night vigil began, I must have woken up 7 times through the night to check on him as he slept peacefully unaware of my neurotic behaviour.

When he awoke my husband pointed out that his face and neck areas didn't feel as hot as the night before, this was true, but our trusty thermometer, which I placed gently into the baby's ear, said different.  37.8.  Mmmmm, a little higher, but still no panic.  I gave my GP a call as their appointment system is sucky in my opinion; you have to call from 8.30am on the day you wish to see a doctor; the phone is often engaged and when you finally get through all appointments have bee issued for the day, 'Call back tommorrow'  is the usual response.  Aaaaaaaaaargggh!

Of course there were no appointments, I was then told to expect the on-call doctor to ring me back as it was a baby involved, fine.  3 hours later I decide to take it into my own hands and call them back, the baby's temperature is now 38.7.

I checked his gums for teeth. No white marks, no bumps indicating teething, his last two soiled nappies were quite wet but, he hasn't eaten solids or had a bottle today as I felt it were best to give him just breast, more nutrients.  His skin is a little red but there are no spots or rashes.  I myself have a little headache and a sore throat so it could be a cold.  You may have noticed that I haven't spoken about Calpol or Nurofen for babies as yet, that is because I believe that pain relievers mask the problem and am a firm believer in finding out what the problem is, and, until his temperature goes to 39.0  I will attempt to control it by keeping him cool with feeding and less clothing.

I still await the doctors call but, if the baby's temperature cannot be controlled my next step would be a dose of baby paracetamol, I do how ever prefer the doctors to see baby at his worst so they can see how bad he actually is without medication, lets hope they call soon.  He is asleep right now and his temperature has fallen to 38.1,  but I do not wish for him to suffer unnecessarily..

Oh yeah, must remember to take some paracetomol for my ailments, I'll be no good for the baby if I'm unwell too, funny thing is, with such a full household it will just be passed from one to the other then back again like a Merry-go-round!
The life of a parent eh!

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