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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Organising the boys bedroom ready for the summer holidays Part 4

How and where you can store items.

Under bed.
If your child/ren do not have a divan bed, chances are that there is space underneath it.  Instead of allowing it to fill with dust and odd socks, measure the space from floor to bed and purchase under bed storage.  I have used several different types over the years and have found that the cheapest doesn't last long!!  Clear plastic storage is great, but, with all the pulling and pushing, it tends to break quite easily.  These are good if you are only storing spare bedding that have nowhere else to go.  

I recommend a wooden under bed drawers with wheels.  If you are purchasing a new bed, get one that comes with under bed drawers or has an option of drawers or an under bed truckle (spare bed), all space is good space!  
My boys have an Ikea metal frame bunk bed that I intend to replace in a years time (the youngest will require a room so some re-jigging and re-designing will be happening), it serves perfectly well for now.

Aspace do some great under bed storage and, me being the ultimate bargain hunter, they have great discounts on items in their clearance and seconds section.  John Lewis and The Little White Company
offer well made options.  If you are skilled or know someone who is, why not get some custom made drawers, I suggest 2-3 boxes so that you can organise items in them according to type.


I haven't been a fan of wall shelves since my eldest climbed on his and ripped them off of the wall taking half the wall with him and landing on the floor with everything on top of him!  We currently have a shelving unit, Billy from Ikea, which my husband customised to fit perfectly beside the boys bed, it is also attached to the wall so that it cannot be pulled down.  We had some wicker baskets that had been given to us by an immigrating friend, they fitted well on to the shelves but, they are not snug enough, have no lids and are beginning to unravel.  To give the tidiest look I recommend finding boxes that fit from the bottom of a shelf to the top as snugly as possible.  As my husband customised our shelves he will make boxes from mdf to 'fit'.  Having several cubed boxes works well so as to separate your children's toys; this way they don't have to pull everything out to find one particular toy.  Modular units are a great alternative and often come with cubed boxes in various materials, alot of furniture companies have a range of modular units, I love The Holding Company's QBO modular storage as there are a variety coloured doors and fittings available in easy to clean metal.

Wardrobes and drawers
Wardrobes with drawers are best, children's clothes are shorter than adults so why waste space at the bottom of a wardrobe.  Organisation is easier with internal shelves and drawers as drawer dividers can keep things in order.  My favourite wardrobe is the Belvoir Armoire from Aspace, perfect for all clothing storage solutions.  A drawer each for pants, socks and vests, accessories ie, belts and hats and tops  I currently use dividers and drawer boxes to separate items within my boys drawers I purchased them from Ikea.

Now it's time to go out and buy some storage boxes ready for the next stage!!

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