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Monday, 16 July 2012

Organising the boys bedroom ready for the summer holidays Part 2

Day 1.  Tidy, declutter and clean

First off, get the children to tidy their room.  Have a look at how well they do this.  Take pictures of any hot spots, areas that are not successfully tidy.  Is this because
  • There are too many items
  • Inadequate storage
  • Unused items
  • Lazy children!!
How large are these items and what would they need to be hidden away in.  Perhaps they would be better in a different home together.

This is the last weekend before the Summer holidays, use it to clear all broken and unused items, less stuff, less mess!  Organise into 3 large bags or boxes; keep, recycle, bin.  Anything in reasonable condition but no longer used can be given to charity, a friend or a local childcare facility including GP surgeries and hospitals, soft toys would be best given to your local recycling centre.

Put the kids into their swim costumes and put them and their plastic, non-electronic, toys into the bath with a little bubble bath and a couple of clothes.  If you have a shower hose that can also be used.  The children will have a great time splashing around and the toys will get a good clean.
Mix three drops of Milton with a litre of water and a small squirt of washing liquid pour into 'spray bottles' using bits of old towel or old face clothes, let the children spray and wipe down surfaces and non-washable toys, play their favourite tunes or sing rhymes to keep up momentum. Join in with them, you'll be surprised at how your children will enjoy mimicking you and it will feel like less of a chore if you are involved. Relax and enjoy it, they won't do it 'perfectly but there will be an improvement.

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