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Monday, 16 July 2012

Organising the boys bedroom Part 3

Today I spent time measuring up all my storage areas in preparation for the new storage boxes I will be getting.  I organised the boys belongings into type.

  • Cars
  • Animals small and large
  • People
  • Duplo
  • Mega Blocks
  • Lego
  • Board Games
  • Arts n Crafts
  • Paper
  • Science bits
  • Fantasy wear
  • Train sets
  • Odds n ends

I took pictures of these groups of items and typed the names into a word program.  I will print and laminate these after my boxes are in place.  I do not yet know how big I need to print them for the boxes, which sizes will look best, I've also had an idea to paint the front of the boxes with magnetic paint and perhaps attach the pics with magnets so that it is easier to remove and change pictures.  This could also be done with velcro strips.  The ability to change things, making them less permanent, it's extremely important in children's rooms, as they grow and change so much over a short period of time. their interests change along with them.  The last thng you want to do is invest in the latest craze, from bedding to walllpaper and fittings, and then your little prince decides he loves something else.

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