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Thursday, 5 July 2012

OCD Overly cautious and defensive!!!

I have slight OCD, I like clean, bright, organised and tidy. I've been called a 'clean freak' although I must say that I see nothing freakish about being clean. If my home is not to my standard I become snappy.

The challenge is that my house is all white, yep white. It's not a typo! White walls, white furniture, white cushions, white dining chairs and table, light coloured sofas etc etc... It is also filled with glass; I own 8 lanterns 9 vases (all in use) and a few crystal candlesticks and chandeliers...

When it's put on paper it looks crazy especially in a household like mine with boys galore, no-one believes me when I say that I'm not precious about any of it. Things break and get dirty, but hey, what can't be fixed can throw away and what gets dirty can be washed; "Simples" as famous Meerkat would say. The key to keeping sanity in line with my OCD is maintenance and organisation. I keep accessories to a cosy minimum, less to break! My sofa covers are removable and washable at 60 degrees with a couple of large scoops of vanish! I have large and small clear boxes that are clearly labelled. And, on top of that, from the moment my boys could walk, they were given chores of some sort... Slave labour? I wish! I often clean up again after they've gone to bed, but its the principal. A cloth in the hand wiping, a lil dust pan and brush, a place for everything, I feel it teaches them to have pride in their surroundings, and, when they are old enough to no longer enjoy cleaning; they maintain a standard because they don't want too much cleaning to do! So, they eat in the dining room only, they do not touch the walls with dirty and muddy hands and take their shoes off to walk on the carpets. Once again "Simples!".

Now just to get them to pee into the toilet instead of around it hmm! Thank goodness for removable toilet seats!

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