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Thursday, 12 July 2012

New children's department at Selfridges LONDON

I had a great walk around Marble Arch and Bond street today. I very rarely get the opportunity to look around town nowadays but it certainly beats the indoor shopping centres like Westfields especially on a gloriously sunny day like it was today. Of course whilst on that stretch, I had to pop into Selfridges it has been at least 2 years since my last visit, I used to be quite the regular!

I thought I'd do a little research and was pleasantly surprised at the new layout of the children's department; I mentioned this to a member of staff who told me that the children's department was to be moved to floor 4 and will be bigger and much better next month. I eagerly await the launch and will be first in line, children in tow of course, to revel in the fantastic new change! In the mean time I contemplate going back for a cute little Burberry sleepsuit in grey for Zach priced at £79 I'd better come up with a great excuse to give my husband for the purchase, I could always start off by requesting the Gucci sleepsuit priced £149, which will make the £79 option seem like a bargain!! Maybe not hell only try to send me to Primark!!

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