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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Knickers in your Supermarket basket?

I was doing a little grocery shopping in a major supermarket today and noticed a large underwear department in between the fruit n veg and household cleaning departments.  I have often been called a label snob and I admit turning my nose up to certain, 'bargain' brands, but supermarket knickers?  No way.

Your underwear can make your entire outfit, it's the place that you can pamper yourself, if you are single, it is just for you, and if you have a special some-one you can share the beauty that a good bra and matching knickers can give.  Sagging breasts will not be helped by a cheap, ill fitting bra, a good bra can uplift your posture your mood and give you a great looking physique; beautiful underwear can help you to feel sexy and sensual, why buy the cheap stuff that will fade and be full of holes in no time at all?  What is sexy about buying a pair of knickers with your beans, bread and onions?  I am a firm believer in good underwear regardless of the cost, and, any-one that knows me will tell you that I can often tell when some-one is wearing the wrong sized bra, so, next time that you are tempted to pick up underwear at a supermarket and throw into a basket alongside your peas...  Think again, look in your underwear draw and see what cheap turns into....  Go to a luxury underwear store like Rigby & Pellar, Agent Provocateur or Myla and get fitted properly by trained professionals and start off with one underwear set a month if money is tight.  Throw away those supermarket drawers..

Walk tall and sexy knowing that underneath your clothing, no matter how filthy the kids have made you, how stiff your work uniform looks or how messy your run around clothes look, underneath is beauty sensuality and sexiness!

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