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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Tip of the day

We're changing our broadband and phone provider today as the last one was, quite frankly, rubbish. For just a few quid more I can work and surf in peace; that's the idea any way. In the mean time I am using my mobile blogger app so this blog will be short sweet and with no frills!!

My 4 month old or as he is most affectionately known as Chunky (said with a Lancashire accent, no I'm not from up north but it seems to sound better that way!) is teething. This means dribbling. Not just the lil drool you produce when you are hungry and smell a tasty meal, no, more like a drooling dog, the ones with the saggy mouths that when they shake their heads drool flies left to right hits a wall and slides down painfully slow.

Chunky can not help the level of saliva he produces, pick him above your head height and you're likely to get a glob in your eye or down your chest, kissing is an experience, quite like an extreme water sport!!

This poses a problem for me as when I dress him I like him to stay 'styled' unless the bib is part of the outfit like a bandana, it can often spoil the look.. My tip is to put a plain, plastic backed bib underneath your baby's top between the vest and the top. I wouldn't advise the plastic lying on baby's skin as with my baby who gets very sweaty, it could get uncomfortable and sticky.. The outer top may get wet but it's not sitting on your baby's skin.

Always walk with a change of outfit just in case it gets too soiled, depending on how long you're out, just one will do for a trip to the shops per-say.

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