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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Lubbly Bubbly Bubble London

I am sooooo tired, today has been one of those pleasure pain days..  You know, like the yogurt advert, it's so good but comes at a price somewhere in the universe, except that somewhere was also my universe.  Whatever I do right now includes the baby, he is 4 months old and relies solely on breast milk to sustain his energetic development, thus becoming my Mulberry replacement, my much loved and treasured handbag, which can at time, be hard work.  He is a baby that loves to be carried and played with which worked in my favour today as he cooed his way around The Bubble London Trade show attracting attention and breaking the ice for this virgin trade show goer.

I am in the buying stages of the Only Boys and Tomboys clothing site and feeling very excited, I love sourcing and buying clothing for my boys, styling them uniquely and showing them off, I guess I  am an exhibitionist who lives through her children.  Today was the highlight of my online researching as I was finally able to touch fabrics, speak to designers and get a real feel for the stories behind the labels.  It was fantastic to meet people with the same passion I hold for children's clothing and people who agreed with my concept, I felt proud to say it 'I am a mum of four boys and I have found it hard to find good quality, individual, clothing for them over the years; so I am providing a one stop shop for people just like me!'  There was of course hundreds of girlie items but I was extremely pleased with the boys and unisex collections..

My first stop, of course, was Indikidual.  Syreeta the designer, is what I consider to be a neighbour and was one of the first lines I considered for my webshop, her pieces scream individuality and unisex with an edge, it was so good to see a familiar face and I felt quite proud that she had been awarded stand out stand award...  Well deserved if I don't say so myself, her pieces are eclectic, fun and, might I add, work perfectly with my Only Boys and Tomboys concept..  The SS13 collection offers more cheeky prints in soft yellows and mint green, however, the 'for boys only' collection is limited and there are more girls only pieces than unisex which is a shame; I still absolutely love Indikidual and look forward to the next collection featuring more boys clothing.

Two particular favourites of mine is a grey marl tassel top in the Indikidual trade mark banana print which is great to define the tomboys from the real boys without being prissy.

And swimwear in the most gorgeous yellow again in trademark print (left)

On walking around the show I was amazed at what was on offer and confused as to why I had never heard of some of these designers before, especially when it came to boys clothing..  I was particularly impressed with the Beau Loves collection.  A wonderful couple who began a line built around their little boy.  Hooded sweaters with built in fancy dress dragon spikes, and tops with super hero masks printed on the front, perfect for the little boy who would choose to be in fancy dress for every occasion, but not being practical, these designs offer a very happy medium.

  Other brands I loved were, Rock n Regal, smart tailored quintessentially and eccentrically British design with tweeds and tartans, beautiful special occasion wear; Isossy children, also offers smart tailoring in beautiful authentic African print;  Mini Mymo, fun tops with 3D applique and Little Titans, tights for boys.  I have the pleasure of testing and reviewing one of Little Titans products and will post my thoughts very soon.

Overall it was a great Monday although tiring, and so to bed, for tomorrow I trawl through the many brochures I have accumulated to put together a bright future for my one stop shop for Only Boys and Tomboys!!

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