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Monday, 25 June 2012

Little Titans tights for boys....

I had the pleasure of meeting a very enthusiastic, passionate bubbly couple at The Bubble London Trade show..  They head the company 'Little Titans' who produce tights designed for baby and toddler boys only..  Perfect, we fit like hand in glove.

The designs range from stripes to football legs and super hero flash; my 4 month old managed to charm his way into a pair of khaki green striped tights with red knee patch, toes and heel!
First off, I love stripes on babies and children so the design caught my eye straight away, they are made from 80% cotton and feel beautifully soft, not scratchy at all, and, although I probably chose the worst day to test them, being the warmest day of the week, when removed, the baby's feet were dry and not the usual clammy and red.
The waist band is printed with the company's name giving it a 'Calvin Klein' underwear feel, very hip!! I even loved logo and tag stitched into the back!

We got the tights in a size 3-6 months, I do usually get my lil chunky 6-9 months and above but these stretched well without compromising the design, the length was also very good but for them to last a little longer I would prefer a 6-9 months and, the fit of the gusset for my baby's size meant that it revealed the top of the nappy so I ended up buttoning a vest top over the tights instead of under.  When washed, as pre-warned, they shrunk a little, so I believe the next size up would probably serve my chubby baby better.

Overall this is a fantastic idea, a beautiful product, and for me, who hates to put shoes and socks on babies, this is an excellent option.  I will be ordering a pair of 'flash' tights next so we can dress up as super heroes; I wonder if they will custom make a pair especially for me, the ultimate Tomboy!!!


  1. hehe! You really need to check out Slugs & Snails tights, they were the first company in the UK to make tights for boys and have been rocking some serious celeb fans recently! Their tights are super thick and have a secret special softness to them too. They don't shrink and have sizes with lots of room for growing. I know this because I own a pair of every one of their designs. Seriously cute products.

    1. Thanks I went online and checked them out, I will be putting in my Autumn order soon!!!


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